How To Comunicate With Reindeer

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Anthony Collins Art Assignment Art Essay In this essay, I will discuss some methods of communication between the Reindeer people and high school freshman. I will also give my own suggestions on ways I think they could communicate. There are a few ways a high school freshman could communicate with Reindeer People. One way would be if the high school freshman learned the language in which the Reindeer People spoke. I think that would be a little difficult, though. Since the language was spoken so long ago, the high school freshman would have to do some major research to find a book on how to communicate as the Reindeer People did. Then if the freshman was lucky enough to find a book like that, it would still take time to learn the way they communicate. Now that was one way that one of the reindeer people could communicate with a high school freshan of 2006. Another way for a high school freshman to be able to communicte with one of the reindeer people would be that the reindeer person could learn English. First, it would have to take a very smart Reindeer Person to pick up an English book, read it, and learn the English language. Then even if the Reindeer Person was able to pick up a book and read it, it would take a nice amount of time for them to fully learn of memorize the English language. A way that

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