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Albert Johnson Unit 1 Project 1 Writing on the subject of me is somewhat difficult because I have a hard time expressing my emotions and feelings to even those who are close to me. During the assessment I found out and confirmed some things about myself. Some of which are that, I am short tempered, I lack adequate and healthy ways of expressing myself. I also confirmed that I may not fully take time to get a full understanding of what my companions, peers, and others around me are saying when they tell me that I am not being a good listener. I feel this way because during the assessment I was asked do I think about people’s feelings before I say things to them. In some cases I do this but more times than not I typically speak off of impulse and say the first thing that comes to mind. I realized that I don’t have the best filter on life. I also realized that I have very poor communication skills when it comes to things that upset me or make me feel uncomfortable. I would rather keep things inside and handle them my way instead of being open and honest about when and why something makes me upset. On the other side of the spectrum my communication skills are not 100% just poor. I did learn through the assessment that even though I don’t like to express my person feelings, when a person comes to me and ask for advice or my opinion I am very honest. This to me says that even though I may not communicate all the way effectively, I feel as though my peers and others continue to talk to me and have patience with me because I possess that very skill of being honest. Not many people can be honest with others, and then also do it in a way that makes them feel comfortable, even if it may cause their feelings to be hurt. Through this assessment I learned that I am very hard on myself and that I don’t hold people to as a high a standard as I do myself.

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