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I. A lot of things are hard for me to overcome but to be a cosmetologist would be easy. When I was six i realized that hair is my thing. While all my friends were playing with the their robot dogs and watching rugrats, I was cutting my barbie dolls hair. This is something that I have been planning on doing since then. I have always seen myself cutting and dying someone’s hair with a smile on their face. This career isn’t for everyone but i know it is for me. A. If some of you didn't catch on, the career I want to pursue in is cosmetology. B. My mentor would have to be my cousin, Holly. She is a cosmetologist that started off in a small town beauty salon, and now she has her own salon. People come from hours away just to get there hair done by her. I hope to be as successful as her one day. C. I chose cosmetology because it seems like the one thing i’m best at, I have tried a million other things but somehow I always find myself back at the one thing I love. It just feels good to transform someone's look from “decent” to “amazing”. II. As a cosmetologist you must learn how to cut, color and style all types of hair, as well as straightening, curling, permanent waves, weaves, extensions and more. Cosmetologists also learn how to do manicures, pedicures, and all nail services, and they learn how to apply makeup as well. A. Some would say cosmetologists are more than just a hair stylist, they are trendsetters. According to the Princeton Review, “Cosmetologists are the fairy godmothers of style and change.” B. A typical day as a cosmetologist would be seeing all kinds of different clients, with different hair types, wanting different things done. Typically they would be inside at a salon, working at their own booth. C. Cosmetologists earn a minimum pay of $22,500 per year, but their salary depends on a number of things. Many cosmetologist choose to work

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