Computers and Young People Essay

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Today, computers play a crucial role in our daily life. The personal computer was first probably started in the 1980’s until today. Computers have many usages. They can be used to do accounting work, documentation work, gaming, calculation and so on. However, young people today prefer to use the computer for the purpose of working, finding information, teaching and recreation purposes. Firstly, the computer can store huge amount of information and data. For example, thousands of images can be stored digitally in the computer. It is simpler and more convenient compared to traditional ways of keeping photo albums. Young people today normally can own a thumb drive because it is cheap. The purpose of using thumb drive is to save files like assignments. Then, they can lend their thumb drive to their friends. Besides that, young people can also create their assignments in the computer and print their assignments out straightaway by using the printer. Therefore, the process of copying out the project paper is no longer needed anymore. Other than that, the computer can also help young people in their jobs. In any office, the computer is needed for administration and accounting tasks. Companies are willing to spend money to buy computers, as computers really make the office work easier, as well as increase the productivity and therefore contribute to the increase in the company’s profits. Nowadays, all primary school students are given chance to use the computer and they are taught by experienced teacher to use some basic applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and so on. Therefore, a student who makes full use of the computer will get many benefits in the future. Although there are still many people using calculators in their calculation works, the computer can replace the work of calculator, because the computer can process a more complicated calculation.
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