Computers Are Boon or Curse Essay

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Kanakadasa Jayanthi is a festival cerebrated by people of Karnataka in general and Kuruba Gowda community in particular. It is celebrated every year on the birth anniversary of the great poet and saint shri Kanaka Dasa. In tribute to the great saint, the government of Karnataka has declared November 24 as a state holiday. All the government offices, schools and colleges around the state celebrate the birth anniversary of Shri Kanaka Dasa as a tribute to one of the great social reformers of Karnataka. The 516th anniversary was celebrated in 2010. Life Kanaka Dasa Thimmappa Nayaka was his original name and he belonged to chieftain (Kuruba Gowda) / (Dhangar) family of Kaginele in Haveri district. He was born to the Kuruba Gowda couple Biregowda and Bachchamma at Bada village. Kanaka Nayaka being of the warrior community (Kuruba Gowda) his defeat in the field of battle, directed him to the path of devotion. He came to be called Kanaka Nayaka as he found a treasure-trove of gold (kanaka means gold in Kannada). Kanaka Dasa was well educated and capable of analyzing the society microscopically. Based on one of his compositions it is interpreted that after he severely got injured in a war and was miraculously saved, he gave up his profession as a warrior and devoted his life to composing music and literature with philosophy explained in common man's language. It appears that he started traveling to places a lot to gain more knowledge. However he had maintained a balanced view about all faiths[citation needed]. At a young age he authored poetries Narasimha stotra, Ramadhyana Mantra, and Mohanatarangini. (See Ref 2) [edit] Writings His writing started showing his innovativeness in using day to day activities of common man. For e.g. Ramadhyana Charite is a poetic expression of conflicts between rich and poor classes where he uses ragi (staple food of poor and high in

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