Computers and the Dependence They Create Essay

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COMPUTERS AND THE DEPENDENCE THEY CREATE Computers can be considered an indispensable possession in today’s life. Many of the activities at home and in business are done by computers. They help to work on activities and jobs faster. There are so many types of computers such as desktops, laptops, tablets etc. One can reach everything with computers. The main thing is that computers create dependence in many areas of life such as; business, education, and daily life. Firstly, computers in business can help to make the workplace better connected and more efficient. Today, it is known that every major company is equipped with a computer. A computer can provide a better communication between employees. But a new article from Bill Ives discusses that big fear in the back of our minds: Ives explains “are computers replacing people? The answer is already known. It can be predicted as how computers can complement people.” Ives states, “It is useful to look at the work of a pair of researchers, Martin Hilbert (USC) and Priscilla Lopez (Open University of Catalonia) who have been looking at the growth of computer power and storage over the past twenty plus years. Recent research noted that, ‘to put our findings in perspective, the 6.4*1018instructions per second that human kind can carry out on its general-purpose computers in 2007 are in the same ballpark area as the maximum number of nerve impulses executed by one human brain per second.’ So all the computers in the world have now reached the capacity of one person. Congratulations. Ives continues, “So the issue is not whether computers will outplace people but how the two can work together. Computers are very good at doing boring tedious, repetitive tasks than would drive people crazy at a rate and scale far beyond what people can do even with a fresh start on their best days. This frees people up to do the more

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