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In the world we live in today most people use computer technology on a daily basis. Its become more and more important to a humans life than ever before. Teenagers, are notorious for their technology use. Throughout the last decade, technology has created things that people twenty years ago would have never imagined. Along with many more people, they believe that computer technology is causing a problem with interactions that have to deal with every form of communication. To begin with, computer technology often times causes people to distance themselves with others. For instance, I was watching a T.V show the other day and they were interviewing this girl that was addicted to her computer. She was explaining to the talk show host that she had no more friends because she would ditch them just to be on her social networks and play popular computer games. In fact, this girls problem was so severe that she broke down on stage, and said she wanted her life back. I felt really bad for this poor girl because she really didn't do anything wrong. The only problem she got herself into is that she just addicted to something that shouldn't have taken control over her life in the first place.I know there's many more people in this world that can relate to this girls situation and to me it's just a very sad situation. I know often times that's not their intention in the first place, but after awhile it's just what it turns out to be. To continue there are many misinterpretations when it comes to having conversations with people online. For example, my friend was talking to me online about some problems she was having. When she was done explaining her problems she asked me for advice, so I gave it to her. The result of that wasn't so nice. My friend then blew me off because she had misinterpreted what I had told her. In my perspective I was just trying to be

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