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Computers Essay

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Below is an essay on "Computers" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

      The far-most greatest essence the entire world relies on, each and everyday, the key to everyday ease and satisfaction, mankind's true best friend, the most important inventions of modern technology that has invaded the world and captured the people's concerns, the invention that changed our lives, some lives for better, some lives for worse ; The Computer.

      Computers has made our lives easier for people to go through, for as years pass by, computers are getting smarter and smarter, and its effecting on our lives more than it did before. The first computer was Computer Z1 and was invented in 1936, by Konrad Zuse who was born on June, 22, 1910 in Berlin – Wilmersdorf. (Cutler Cleveland, 1) In 1939 the second computer was the ABC computer was invented, by two; John Attansoff and Clifford E.Berry. Attansoff was born on 4 of October 1903 in New York and Clifford was born in Gladbrook, Lowa, in 1918. (Tsvyatko Dorovski, 1)

      The computer with highly skills and have a lot of stages was reduced and many of the steps in the business and terms of reference that require precision and perfection, Today with the high development technology, computers are able to capture, analyze. (William Allan Kritsonis, 3) And computers can help students to improve their second language acquisition. (William Allan Kritsonis, 3) Students now are able to find important information from computers. (William Allan Kritsonis, 3) By connecting to the internet students are also able to get authentic reading materials at school or home and students can get that 24 hours a day. (William Allan Kritsonis, 3)

      Students nowadays are getting new chances to study independently. (William Allan Kritsonis, 3) Teachers are able to communicate with parents, students, classmates, and people they have never met by sending emails and joining new groups. (William Allan Kritsonis, 3) And studious learners can achieve higher levels at their own pace. (William Allan Kritsonis, 3)...

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