Computerized Inventory System Essay

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I. Introduction Computer Technology is evolving too fast nowadays making businesses find ways to be in-place whilst following the latest trends, giving them a chance to create an idea of how their business systems cope up, by transforming their current way of handling transactions especially to things that often done manually to something sophisticated, not by interface, but how it will work behind the scenes but still leaving a user-friendly interface for the ease of work of the user. Though developing such systems needs a huge amount of time, hard work and cooperation with those who are involve such as system analyst, developers and testers, owner of the business and its staffs, etc. By building a smooth relation in each side, things they wanted to happen about the development comes like a waterfall, giving each of it as a fragment of what the system would look like, and with a proper coordination, most of the features can be acquired and build a functional system. With the relation to our case study, the business is in need of a computerized inventory system because we found out that they do their task of recording data and transactions manually, which means, lots of paper works. Staffs end up wrestling through papers in minutes to hours just to locate a single transaction, supplier, even customers and orders. This precious time may be done to do other important works like encoding products from orders that was recently received. Having a computerized inventory system installed, the users of the system will be • More productive in terms of work • Have a clear and well presented forms of data • At ease about management of files • Obviously, less paper works • Able to create periodic reports with just few

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