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Computerized Management Systems Task Computerized Management Systems History: As a nurse in a 100 bed community hospital, you are a part of a multidisciplinary team comprised of hospital professional staff tasked with investigating a new computerized management system for the hospital. Unfortunately, most of the team consists of doctors and you are the only nurse selected to participate, making it hard for you to voice your concerns. You decide to document your findings and concerns in a report and submit it to the group. I conducted a search and evaluation of two computerized management systems. The first system was Meditech 6.0 and the second is Mckesson Horizon Clinical. In the following paper I will discuss how these systems could increase quality care, why nursing should be involved in the planning, choice, and implementation of the system, how handheld devices could be used, the security of the system, how the system can affect healthcare cost, and my recommendation for the system the hospital should use. Explain how using the computerized management system could increase quality of care: Quality of care can best be described as care that focuses on the six following things: “being safe, effective, patient centered, efficient, timely, and equitable.”( One way that the Meditech 6.0 improves quality of care is through their Patient Care and Patient Safety Solution system. “The system allows customized status boards, care plans to enforce best practice, document in electronic chart, and capture and report on core measures.” ( These things improve quality of care by standardizing best practice, make charting faster, and tracks core measures which are regulated. McKesson improves quality of care with their system Horizon Clinical by having (CPOE) computerized physician order entry. This system

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