Computerize Billing System Essay

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Quality and Security Usability Luis Sousa Cardoso Abstract — Telecommunications industry's customers are demanding comprehensive security solutions. A secure network should be protected against malicious and inadvertent attacks and should have high availability, appropriated response time, reliability, integrity, scalability, and provide accurate billing information. Security must not only be a thread of concern for each product or service, but must be developed in a manner that promotes the interweaving of security capabilities in the overall end-to-end security solutions. To achieve such a solution in multi-vendor environment, network security should be designed around a standard security framework. For the majority of users and applications, increased security cannot be achieved with technology that decreases usability. Then, it is essential that the human interface be designed for ease of use, so that users routinely and automatically apply the protection mechanisms correctly. Also, to the extent that the user’s mental image of his protection goals matches the mechanisms he must use, mistakes will be minimized Keywords — availability, authentication, access, confidentiality, control, integrity, quality, risk, security, threat, usability, vulnerabilities I. INTRODUCTION In today’s society, much depends on networks and information systems. Quality is already a key work and additional requirements for security will rapidly increase as networking and computing develop further and electronic communications become part of all aspects of our daily lives. For instance broadband connections offer people the possibility to be “always on”. This, of course, increases the vulnerability of systems and multiplies the probability of some sort of cyberattack. Enhanced security is therefore a key element for the success of broadband. New wireless applications will

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