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Computer Virus Essay

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What is computer virus?
Computer Virus is a program that infects computer files and makes them do some unexpected for damaging. A copy of viruses inserted into the computer through input devices like pen drives, floppy disks, etc.
History of Computer Virus
In 1972, the term “Virus” refers to unwanted computer code. At that time virus does not have accepted definition. In 1983, graduate students at the University of South California, Fred Cohen found the definition of Computer Virus. The idea of writing Computer Virus came from him. In 1986, there was only one known Computer Virus. Today there are thousands and thousands of viruses created each day. Late 1990’s there were few antivirus software. These softwares help to solve virus problems, if virus problems occurred into the computer.   At that time viruses are not that strong. It is maybe because of the people were not that much aware in technology. Nowadays lots of viruses are created hence the available antivirus softwares are unable to solve virus problems, because viruses created today are really strong.
Viruses often damage the computer system. For example, when some viruses (strong viruses) enter into the computer system, the whole system gets fully destroyed within few seconds hence others (weak viruses) enter into the system, they grow inside the system and damage the system within a matter of months.
Symptoms of Computer Viruses
Make sure you always have an up to date antivirus program, whether you have Windows PC, a Macintosh or a Linus Computer. The following are some of the indications of virus infection.
  * When your computer is infected by a virus, it affects the speed of the process.
  * The computer freeze or” locks up” often.
  * New antivirus programs cannot be installed or when if installed will not run.
  * The computer crashes every few minutes you may get the “blue screen of death” in windows.
  * Computer shut downs, then restarts on its own.
  * Application...

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