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Over a period of time, both computers and fashion have technologically advanced gradually, improved with time, taste and style. Yet nobody could have guessed that a time will come were both fields will combine to complement each other. In the present day, fashion design has reached new heights because of computer supported techniques of design; as a result the computer industry got new customers. Computer technology has been making vivid influences in the fashion design industry and marketing of new trends. From outlining material weaves to sizing projects; computers have become a vital element of the fashion industry. Fashion Marketing is a game of graphic communication so designers can use computer or internet technology to educate, broaden their creative opportunities, access social media, and use specialized retail technology to work efficiently. Computer aided design (CAD) is the use of computer systems, which started in the 1980’s to help in creating, adjusting, or enhancing a design (Palak Gaur, 2010). CAD may be used to design curves and figures in two-dimensional (2D) space; or curves, surfaces, and solids in three-dimensional (3D) objects (Kieve Kavanaugh, 2012). Even though most designers still sketch their designs by hand, a rising number of designers are using computers to translate their hand sketches. CAD also allows designers to view designs of clothing on virtual models, in countless colors and shapes, therefore saving time by needing fewer modifications of prototypes and samples later. Most fashion design schools still teach traditional design methods, including manual flat pattern construction, draping and line drawing regardless of CAD (Kieve Kavanaugh, 2012). There is no doubt that fashion students need to learn the traditional way of things but innovative education also focuses on computer aided methods of design. Specialized software can

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