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Computer Repair Essay

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Below is an essay on "Computer Repair" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

A complete illustrated Guide to the PC Hardware

Welcome to Michael Karbo's Online Service. Here you will find a modern onlinemagazine with more than 500 illustrated articles for the critical reader! Use our menu to your left or the sitemap. You may also follow any of the links listed below. We hope that you appreciate our work! Start studying the design of a PC motherboard. q Learn about harddisks and other drives. q Learn about the PC I/O system. q Learn about the PC video system.

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Pentium 4 and AthlonXP. More than 50 photos of old cars free to download! The MP3 article is re-written. Editing photos with Photoshop Cleaning Windows Me for temporary files ... All modules 7 re-written

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A complete illustrated Guide to the PC Hardware

About Michael Karbo

1. About PC data 1a. About data

4. Drives and other storage 4a. Drives 4b. Hard disks

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1b. Character tables

2. The PC system board 2a. Introduction 2b. Boot process, system bus 2c. I/O buses 2d. Chip sets 2e. On RAM

4c. Optic storage media 4d. ZIP etc. 4e. Tape streamers

5. Expansion cards and interfaces 5a. Adapters 5b. EIDE, Ultra DMA,

3. About CPUs 3a. An intro to CPUs 3b. CPU improvements 3c. 5th gener. CPUs 3d. Cooling and overclocking 3e. 6th gener. CPUs

AGP 5c. SCSI, FireWire, USB

6. OSs and file systems 6a. File systems 6b. Windows 95 6c. BIOS, OS, hardware 6d. The Windows 98 page

7. Graphics and sound 7a. Display basics 7b. Graphics cards 7c. About sound cards 7d. Digital music MP3, MOD etc.

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