Computer Networking Essay

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Networks, what are they? Networks are two or more computers linked together in order to share resources such as, printers, files, and programs, and can communicate electronically. You have two major types of networks; one is the LAN(Local Area Network) network. It consists of an area about a mile in diameter and only shares resources with computers in the area, primarily such as a school, office or some type of lab. Next on you have is a WAN(Wide Area Network) network. Its primary goal is to reach as far as it can. In a LAN configuration, one computer is designated as the file server, it holds the software programs to run the network as well as the files and programs the workstations may need. In a WAN configuration, it uses multiplexers to connect to local, metropolitan, and even global servers. In order to connect to either network you would first need the physical topology (which refers to the configuration of cables, computers, and other peripherals.). Then you would go to the protocols (which is a set of rules that governs the communications between computers on a network). To continue a set up of a network you would also need the hardware, such as Network interface cards, Ethernet cards, Bridges, switches, and routers. Then you would have to have some type of operating system on each computer preferably the same, such as windows XP, Vista, Server, or Windows 7. Finally you would choose your logical topology which is the way your network is set up, examples include; Star, Bus, Ring or Tree topology. We recall mentioning something about operating systems. There are several operating systems out there today. The operating systems include Unix/Linux, Windows Server, XP, Vista, and the new windows 7. To understand a computer you need to know how one works by understanding the Unix/Linux operating system, it uses file editors, management functions and advantages

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