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Computer Network Security Essay

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Below is an essay on "Computer Network Security" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Computer Network access has developed rapidly in recent years. In the course of the rapid development of network, network Technology matures makes network connections easier, and people enjoy the convenience of the same network, Network Security is increasingly under threat. Network Security has become a potentially huge problem, safety situation should be cause for concern.

Keywords: Computer Networks, security, Technology

Now, Computer communication networks and Internet has become the fabric of our society a fundamental component. Networks are used in various aspects, including electronic banking, electronic commerce, the modern enterprise management, Information services and so on the basis of a Computer Network system. Safety sex is a very critical Internet Technology is very easy to be overlooked. widely used in networks today, we should also understand Network Security, preventive measures, good network of Information confidentiality, integrity and availability.

First, the meaning and characteristics of Network Security
(A meaning.

Network Security refers to the network hardware, software and system data is protected, not because of accidental or malicious reasons, suffered damage, change, disclosure, continuous and reliable system to run properly, the network service is not interrupted.

(B network security should have the following five characteristics.

Confidentiality: Information is not disclosed to unauthorized users, entities or processes, or for their use features.

Integrity: data can not be changed without authorization features. That Information is maintained during storage or transmission is not modified, will not be damaged and missing features.

Availability: authorized entities can be used to access the features according to demand. That is, when necessary, can access the required Information. For example, denial of service network environment, network and destroy the normal operation of the system belong to the...

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