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Computer Network Desigin Essay

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Campus Network Architectural Design
The topological design of the entire network is taken into account. Topology is defined as a network design or structure of the connected computer systems. Topology can also be said to be the entire network architecture. In order to discover the network topology, the distances between each in the network is determined by the peer itself. In huge campus network like this, this can pose a problem because one-time distance estimation could be a time-consuming affair which does not fit in well. The simplest solution to this problem is the centralized approach where the topological information of the entire network is gathered and maintained
      The various ways the components of the communication network are arranged is known as topology. It is broadly classified into three. Logical topology; physical topology and signal topology (Inc, 2002).
          i) One of the physical components of a network of systems is the nodes. Physical topology refers to the mapping of the nodes and how they are physically connected amongst themselves.
          i) Logical topology refers to the mapping of the path or route by data while passing through the network.
          i) Signal topology is basically the route or path taken by data as it travels across the network.

          After a detailed analysis of the campus network configuration, the university campus has two types of network designs: wired and wireless network designs. The wired connection method employed the network designs: Local Area Network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) and campus area network (CAN) while the wired connection method used Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Access points with centralized management is provided for the LAN and WAN for secure connectivity. At the access layer, QoS is configured so as to ensure unified communication with quality performance and reduction of loss of data. Throughout the campus lecture rooms, library, the administrative...

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