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Computer Maintenance and Training Manual Table of content Chapter 1 Safety Environmental concerns Power Protection Dust, static, and heat issues Downloading unauthorized software Chapter 2 Maintenance and Cleaning Tower Monitor Keyboard Mouse Chapter 3 Internal hardware installation Motherboard Power Supply Processor Memory Hard Drives Chapter 4 Basic Principles for supporting I/O Devices and Multimedia and Mass Storage Devices Installing a Video Card Installing a DVD Drive Chapter 1 Safety * Environmental Concerns There are many methods that can be used to clean up computer systems that are no longer needed. We can make things easy if we were to do the right things with our spare parts. We can give it to a better source like computer shops; scrap yards or depose of them the right way. Most all old computers are considered toxic waste and have to be disposed of properly. When it comes to household computer monitors, they are usually not considered hazardous waste and are not included under federal regulations, however if you wish to disposed of one, you may want to make sure that the hard drive has been clean up before doing so. Since old computers are considered toxic waste, the main way that most businesses handle obsolete computers is to let a recycling company handle the dirty work. These companies are regulated by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, but you have to use caution to make sure that the company that you choose to use is regulated. So it pays to do your research, and it is well worth the effort. Properly recycling and disposing of old computer equipment is no longer just a matter of what is convenient, it is also an environmental and legal issue. We have to take action on this matter now that it’s becoming a bigger issue with the environmental. Safety is a big concern or at least it should be to us.

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