Computer Logs Essay

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|Media Usage in the American Teenager’s Life | | | | | |11/30/2011 | |Sandro Wagner | | | |Prof. Delgado | Introduction Since the beginning of time, people have used Technology in some way, shape, or form. The different ways to describe this fun natured art is simple. Teenagers ages 14-19 for example, enjoy spending our time with such things as using our cellular phones, reading an article, a book, listening to the radio, to music (live or prerecorded), watching television for hours on end, playing video games, or even using our computers to go on the internet and talk to friends or loved ones by means of online chat. Those are just some of many types of ways a teenager spends their free time. Some of us tend to use different types of media in very different ways, like for example, one day a person might feel the need to play video games all day long; and not do anything else for the rest of the day. On the other hand another completely different person might feel the need to pop open a book and read all day long. No person is the same; a lot of people have different outlets when it comes to media. What you are about to examine is a series of logs that were recorded by an American teenager and his/her’s consumption of media throughout a

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