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Computers In The World Today Computers where do you even begin? There is so much to know and to learn that many find themselves to be overwhelmed by the thought of learning them. You see kids of today sitting in front of a computer like they were born to know how to use them. Almost as if there little brains have been preprogrammed. Then you have the little old ladies little my grandma that can’t understand why we call an input device a mouse, and even worse she can’t figure out how to double click. Some where in the middle you find those people like my mom who know a little about computers, I mean she knows enough to turn it on and type a paper but anything other than that she is calling for help. And then there are those people who are like me, those kids who grew up in the age of the computer, yet was never really forced to use one until sometime in high school and even then the internet was not even required until college. It seems like some where in the middle we grew up in the age of computers yet they missed us by a year or two in school. Even though we can see such a huge difference in the ability of people to work computers the plain fact is, that it is becoming a nesacessity to function in our society. Computers have not only grown to be able to function and run major companies, but they have taken over the ways in which human communication takes place. They have changed the way in which we think, work and communicate. As we look at how computer and technological advancements have changed the ways in which we function, I think that we first need to look at the basic machine itself and tell just what it is. An article that I found on the web gives a very simple yet precise defination of what a computer is, “A computer is an electronic machine that accepts information (data ), processes it according to specific instructions and provides the results as

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