Computer Hostage Essay

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COMPUTER HOSTAGE By Lavonda [Instructor] CIS 106 April 27, 2014 A COMPUTER CAN BE HELD HOSTAGE? It is quite simple. One day your computer will work fine and the next day you can turn your computer on and nothing! Your entire computer life is gone and right before your eyes. You will be threatened with a screen saying that you may be prosecuted by the FBI unless you pay up. This is called “Ransomware”. This is a form of taking hostage the computer hard drive. The files have been hijacked, extensions have been changed, passwords changed, and data is absolutely inaccessible. There are people all over the world that have made millions of dollars fooling people into believing that this is something that must be complied to and the costs could be in the thousands. HOW TO PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER There are ways to protect your computer from Ransomware, typically you would want to install virus blockers and keep recommended updates on your computer as needed. Typically your computer becomes infected by opening infected email attachments, following links to bad sites, malicious ads on legitimate sites, etc. Sometimes this can not only block access to the internet but can also block access to all your files by encrypting them. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do if you do get infected with ransomware. Since the majority of the criminals are doing this from other countries there is not much that can be done by way of the law. So it is just better to protect your property and do not pay the ransom under any circumstance. You will not get any of the money back. LAWS AND REGULATIONS TO PROTECT CONSUMERS Fortunately for the consumers our lawmakers are working to make the worldwide web a safer place to be. But like everything else it is going to take time. For every new virus there is someone standing in line to create a new hack and for

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