Computer Fundamental Essay

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COMPUTER FUNDAMENTAL Definition Computer is an electronic device which accepts data from the user process it and gives meaningful information. Data-Data is the collection of numbers, alphabets, facts and figures. Process-The work that is done on data is called process. Information-The processed data or finished data is called as information. For example:-(1) “12+3”-data “Calculation” is the process “15” is the information (2) “Tea dust, sugar, water, milk, pot, heater” -data “Preparation”-Process. “Tea”-Information. Application We use computer in the field of defence, homes, science and engineering, entertainment, transportation, business and finance, hospitals and medicines, commerce, industry, administration, education, social and legal organizations etc. Classification of Computer Computer can be classified into 3 types. They are (1) Digital computer (2) Analog computer (3) Hybrid computer. (1) Digital Computer:-It performs only calculation. The mathematical data is represented in the form of binary digits (0 & 1). These are widely used for commercial purposes and in graphics, analysis, payroll, and washing machine etc. (2) Analog Computer:-It can perform the job measurement and can compare to jobs and things. It works on the principle of current or voltage signal. It works very fast. (3) Hybrid Computer:-It is a combination of both analog and digital computer. It can be used in scientific applications and industries. According to application computer is divided into 2 types-(1) General purpose computer and (2)Special purpose computer. (1) General purpose computer -These are the

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