Computer Ethics Essay

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What is the definition of computer ethics? It’s basically the ethical decisions that we make with the use of computer technology. In this article that I have used, it talks about computer ethics of the invisibility factor. Basically I will give a summary of the article, explain about the invisibility factor, and analysis it. The article that was chosen, starts off about what computer ethics is. It states that it is the nature and social impact of the computer technology in our lives concerning not only just software, but hardware too. It then goes on to talk about what exactly is a computer program and whether it is an intellectual property that can be owned or just an idea that cannot be owned by anyone. If it is an intellectual property, then is it protected by copyright or protected by patent. Also, that since computer technology is always expanding, new values are always going to emerge. Basically computer ethics is not a base set of rules. It is about the users and their values about computer technology. The invisibility factor of computer ethics is about what goes on unseen in a computer program. To use the invisibility factor unethical conduct is basically called invisibility abuse. An example of this is a programmer creating a program that, in the background will run some extra operations and hide it. The example given from the article is a programmer creating a program that can steal excess bank interest and deposit it into his bank account. The program can calculate the interest like usual, but then, when it’s finished, it is instructed to deposit the interest into the programmer’s account. Another example of invisibility abuse is the invasion of privacy with computer technology. Programs can be created to do something usual like scan the hard drive for updates but also look up the specs of the computer and send the data to the maker or

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