Computer Dependency Essay

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Computer Dependency Century In today’s world almost any application must be submitted and done with the help of computers, so knowledge of computer’s skills become necessary and required in everyday life. Furthermore, basic computer skills are as important as reading and writing. Computer dependency is the best way to interchange information. However prolonger use of computer devises put in risk human health. Computers systems take place in any area of our life without it any task would be hard to perform. The need of have basic computer skills are a key to have an easier life. Because computer technology can be used as an educational tool by creation programs that could be spread to many places at the same time, and as a quick reference to clarified a topic. In fact computer devices are in machines and appliances helping to make the job faster and more efficiently. In this century transportation relay in the usage of computer to get directions and to add feature to make the trips more pleasant and safer. In addition, computer have add an amazing tool in the health field, for instance there are machines that are able to see inside our bodies to help to detect any health problem as well to perform less invasive treatments. The ability to exchange information has created a most visible world of the century. The use of cell phones keeps people easy to reach and connect, because most people Carrie a cell phone with them all the time. GPS devices help to find easier routes to get to places faster. In fact global satellite interaction let us know live what it is happen at the other part of the word. Additionally the internet and computer modem let people have Wi-Fi anywhere thought wireless connection. On the other hand, computer put in risk human health. The extended uses could affect the eyes, the brain and some other parts of the human body. People

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