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Computer Crime Law Essay

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Computers and technology have evolved tremendously over the years and are continuing to evolve in present day.   Nobody truly understands the capability and affects that computer technology has worldwide, and how it impacts society.   Computers are used for almost everything today, whether it’s for personal use, for a field, job, governmental use, and how can we most importantly forget crime.   Computer crime is an illegal action that is carried out on or by means of a computer.   This is something that is being dealt with often, and may include auction and credit card fraud, debt elimination, prostitution, sexual act for money, child pornography, human trafficking, viruses, hacking, and cyber stalking.   Although this has become a major problem, the government has taken legal action to restrain illegal activity.   There are many laws that pertain to different crimes, trying to decrease the likely hood that they will happen again.
There are many laws that have been passed to secure and control computer crimes.   The first computer crime action that was taken was in February 1977, which was a staff study by the U.S Senate Governmental Operations Committee.   The staff study addressed many problems associated with computer programs, and recommended that legislation be considered that would prohibit unauthorized use of computers.   The chairman of the committee was Senator Abe Ribcoff; he later introduced the Ribcoff Bill.     The Ribcoff bill was the first bill to propose Federal Computer Crime legislation in the U.S.   This bill specifically prohibits the misuse of computers.   The Bill S. 1766(95th Congress) was called “Federal Computer Systems Protection Act 1977”.   Although, this bill was not fully adopted, it was the top model for legislation in state computer crime legislation in the U.S.   This act created awareness worldwide.   There are many other legal actions that have taken place such as Interpol, which was the first international organization that...

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