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What steps should a law enforcement agency take to start a computer crime unit? Step 1: Assessing needs and making a decision in selecting the right personnel Step 2: Establish the legal foundation Step 3: Appointment of the manager of the cybercrime unit Step 4: Staffing the unit with the proper training Step 5: Training program to guide the unit Step 6: Equipment it takes to do the job and other resources Step 7: Independence of and knowledge about the unit is critical Step 8: Action plan and evaluation mechanisms ( European Union Cybercrime Task Force, Global Project) (Orthmann, 1981). What steps should law enforcement take to reduce computer crime in their community? Management must organize policies that safeguard organizations databases, educating top management and employees with the latest internal security measures with precautions such as firewalls and virus protection. Top management must make a commitment to defend against computer crime. Where would the law enforcement agency find expertise in the field of computer crime that they could use to assist with investigations? The National Institute of Justice’s National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) are a resource for training and preparations for law enforcement agencies. CART-FBI Computer Analysis Response Team- helps in writing, serving search warrants, seizing and entering evidence, they do routine examination of digital evidence for local law enforcements and federal agents. Cyber Incident Detection and Data Analysis Center (CIDDAC) - help protect private sector networks with real time cyber attack detection sensors. (RCAD)- prevents outside attackers form reaching the internal database. (IC3)- provides a user friendly reporting mechanism to victims of cyber crime. (ECTF)- Electronic Crimes Task Force is a nationwide network that

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