Computer Browser Choice Essay

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Are browser choices a thing of the past. There are many browser choices out there today that allow your pc to be more customizable. These are also on the smart phones but some companies are not too fond of letting you have such customizability with their competitor’s browser. Companies such as Apple and Microsoft are going to limit the power and capabilities of their competitor’s browsers or make them so that you can't even obtain the browser. Mozilla and Google do not let you change the browser because the browser is the same as the Operating System EXAMPLES: Apple will let you run browsers other than their safari browser but that browser must be able to use Apple software to render web pages. Microsoft is also looking to use this kind of browsing on their new Windows RT tablet, but on their current Windows Phone 7 they let you use other browsers but limit their abilities drastically. Mozilla and Google are taking the same approach because the browser is the OS. Why restrict: Today the browser is the operating system which means that it has to handle large multitasking loads, running applications, and managing the memory. For a company to try and dump this load onto a single program would probable cause the system to crash. The OS would have to also put a large amount of trust into the other browser's application when it comes to security, reliability, and power consumption. Playing economics: Today it is not good enough just to have a good piece of hardware the consumers want the hardware, a software package of some sort, and of course a good operating system. Apple is doing well with a slick hardware, an extremely popular operating system, and comes with a basic software suite, an app store for expansion, and various online services that provide services such as synchronizing with other devices. Microsoft has really good software but is not really

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