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1) Buyer Behaviour An important marketing process, which is paramount to a company’s trading activities is to find out what makes a customer buy, achievable by answering the Why, Where, When, How, and Who Questions. In the 1940s Abraham Maslow thesis created a ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ model (Figure 1-1) in order to understand human behaviour. A broad-brush interpretation of Maslow’s model recognises that individuals will focus on their most basic needs first and only when these are satisfied will they progress on to the next level; it is still viewed as a valuable tool. Buying behaviour varies upon an individual’s need, Chaffey et al (2006) identify that people buy, for example travel and cinema tickets online, whilst for bigger, more investment purchases, such as a car the Internet is used merely as a tool to gain information on that item. Music is a ‘no-risk’ purchase and therefore, a suitable product to sell via the Internet. 1.1 Buying Decisions The type of purchase is dependent on who is purchasing. A business-to-business transaction may be a one-off but is potentially a high value order; whereas a business-to-consumer transaction will be of low cost but consist of many sales. Engel et al (1993) state there are five stages to consumer buying decisions: (1) Problem recognition — where the consumer identifies a need (2) Information search — of a particular product or service, information can be sourced from memory if the buyer has past experience or by visiting different shops searching the Internet and seeking advice from friends and family (3) Evaluation of alternatives — Engel et al (1993) lists four tasks for this evaluation. The buyer has to determine, decide and assess the alternatives then have a set criterion to select the final choice (4) Purchase — this is where the information search and the evaluation of products

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