Computer and Sports Development Essay

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THE USE OF COMPUTER AND ITS CONTRIBUTIONS TO SPORTS DEVELOPMENT By MR. SINCOMOH, VINCENT A. Department Of Human Kinetics and Health Education Faculty of Education University of Port-Harcourt, Port-Harcourt. Email: Telephone: +2348037448866 ABSTRACT Computer recently has been increasingly accepted and embraced as a major aspect of modern society with its impact being felt in almost all aspects of human endeavour. An attempt is made in this paper to see whether it has a relationship with the development of sports as it is with other works of life. In the first place, effort is made to look at the definition of computer as an electronic multipurpose machine that accepts data, processes and finally produces the processed data into meaningful information. Also a brief history of developmental stages from an abacus to the present state was looked into. The main focus was how computer has contributed to the development of sports with particular reference to “accurate judgement of winners in competitive events, coaching and training of athletes, development of sports equipment, video capture and instant replay, broadcasting and sports writing, storage of data as well as putting a stop to mercenary athletes”. In conclusion after a critical look on the above areas, it was found to be very convincing that computer has contributed greatly to the development of sports in the society, state or the nation. INTRODUCTION Computer is a multipurpose and wonderful machine. While Hornby (2010) defines Computer as an electronic machine that can store, organize and find information, do calculation and controls other machines. Umukoro (2010) posited that you can use computer spread sheet to analyse and attractively present data to those who are in need of it. He went on by stating that you can write letters, keep tract of business and other records,

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