Computer Aided Mechanical Essay

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Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Designing of Cup-holder 4 3.1 Pro Engineer Drawing Package 5 3.1.2 Plastic Advisor 6 3.2 Pro-Mould 7 3.3 Pro-Manufacturing 8 4 Injection Moulding 11 5.1 Rapid Prototyping 13 5.2. Stereo lithography 14 5.3.Fused Deposition Modelling 15 5.4.Three Dimensional Printing 16 6 Benefits of CAD/CAM 17 7. Conclusion 18 8. Bibliography 19 1 Introduction In today’s world, the dramatic progress of computer technologies and software engineering, the computer aided design technology has become an infrastructure for industrial design, analysis and manufacture of engineering products. This is due the fact that before the introduction of computer aided design, parts were drawn from various angles to illustrate complete dimensions. This was a time consuming and costly process. Whilst such a skilled talent is beneficial, it is not of any particular use to a company or an engineer. Both an engineer and a company require various different visualised parts in the minimum amount of time. As the power of computing grew, software developers realised that the computer could be used as a tool for engineers and early versions of part visualisation programs were born. These programs, such as AutoCAD and PEPS NC while being revolutionary were not however in one complete software package and often awkward to use. It was not until the introduction of Pro Engineer that a part could be fully engineered; through producing a high quality technologist capable of applying computer aided engineering analysis, design and manufacturing technologies such as mould designed and an NC code for particular parts. A major advantage that Pro-Engineer had over its competitors was that the parts that were

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