Computer Aided Design Essay

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The industry of Engineering is constantly changing. The age of computers has made this changing industry change even quicker. The article “CAD Jockey or engineer” described the transition the field has undergone in recent history. In a similar manner to calculators replacing slide rules, and AutoCAD replacing mechanical drafting, CAD software suites such as Solidworks,ProEngineer, and Autodesk Inventor are quickly changing what it means to be an engineer. These sofware suites have made it much easier for companies to create thouroughly tested products without ever building or prototyping a product. These software packages are also combining many jobs in engineering, there are no longer drafters to create technical drawings of parts and assemblies designed by engineers. The engineers, after creating the products are able to create drawings of the parts with a few clicks of the mouse. This trend has enabled companies to work more efficiently and the trend will continue as technology continues to advance itself. As CAD software is able to do more and more, such as perform simulations and through design studies, and companies utilize these tools which are available to them; companies will be able to prove their designs and manufacture a finished product without ever building a prototype. What proves that the numbers which these CAE programs produce are valid and can be trusted? This was thouroughly proven during case study 2 when we were taking hundreds of values and had to make sure the values were valid. Whether this is proven by another software program or by hand calculations does not really matter, as long as the results are comprable. This can be either very good or very bad for companies. While this allows companies to allocate money more efficiently, more effort must be exerted by the companies to use these software packages to their potential and to make sure

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