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Computer Addiction Research Paper

  • Submitted by: billyjoemateo
  • on February 13, 2012
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Computer addiction Term paper
Computer addiction


Technology today has indeed made people’s lives convenient especial with a computer. It has helped students in making homework, research, and projects, it has helped business in advertising and in making progress, and it has connect loved ones to people who live in a different country with the help of the internet.

The goal of this term paper is to aware the risks to users from leading to computer addiction.

I. People that are addicted to computers

This addiction is difficult to use in one term. It usually depends upon the users’ interests and activities on the computer. On netaddiction.com says that there are five types, first is the Cyber sexual which is engaged in pornography, internet sex or anything that sexually involves online. Second is the Cyber-Relational which is obsessed in chatting, IM’s, or any social relationship networks. Third is the Net Compulsion which does impulsive buying online like on e Bay, casino gambling online and online gaming. Forth is the Information Overload which surfs the net and gathers many info on news, celebrity gossip, and organizing data, which is too much that not all of the information can be used. And lastly is the Computer Addict, simple games such as minesweeper and solitaire can even lead to this addiction. Research has found that computer gaming has become problematic in organizational settings such as employees, workers spent days playing rather than working.

This is an addiction to computer use is a dependency on computers. Due to the users’ dependency towards computers, these users way of thinking revolves around computers.

II. Habits of a computer addict

A person of this addiction has habits that other people should know about. Warningsigns.info has spotted out these habits. First is the loss of control which the user cannot limit the time usage on the computer or cannot keep track of time. Second is being dishonest to others or...

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