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Preliminary Investigation
Preliminary investigation is the first step of system life cycle. The impetuses for change come from many sources.

User Involvement:
User involvement is key to success of a project. Users must be involved from very beginning of the project. The user must be an early and permanent participant is the process.
There are three types of users:
First are quite sophisticated about automation and accept computer related assignments readily.
Second with little or no experience may stall and even resist the changes.
Third are in the middle.
  If the user is carried as a full partner throughout the system life cycle then he feels full confidence in the implemented system.

User Organization:
To know about organization, analyst needs to know personnel functions and how the personnel officially interact with one another. For this purpose a copy of organization chart is needed. If none exist, analyst needs to draw it.

Problem Definition:-
Analyst's initial aim to define the problem, Analyst and user must come to an agreement on these points.
Both must agree on nature of problem.
Then designate a limited scope.
Determine the objective of the project.

Nature of Problem:
Here the analyst actually defines the problem and as a problem solver he will see a new system will remove the problem.
Computer systems are seen not only as problem solver but also as a mean of sizing opportunities.

Scope of Problem:
What the new system is supposed to do and not to do! Analyst and use must agree on the scope of the project. If scope is too broad, the project will never be finished. If the scope is too narrow , it may not meet user's need. The project scope will be clearly stated in preliminary investigation report. A project's scope may expand both because of user insights and analyst's helpful tendencies.

Analyst will understand what the user need i.e. what the user thinks the system should be able...

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