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Computer Essay

  • Submitted by: santax637
  • on May 8, 2012
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Computer" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Computer is one of the most greatest investment in 20 century. With the advances of Computer, our life can much easier. Through computer, we can now talk to people in any country, work , shop,… Nowaday, it is used in many field, such as business, hospital , crime ditection , even be used to fly plane automatically and many thing. However, it is also alarming that we are becoming more dependent on them. Therefore, many people think that it will lead to negative effects on the life.   But, I strongly belive that dependence on computers is a good things and   we should not   be suspicious of their benefits.

Firstly, Computer help us performance many thing faster and save many time. For example, before, If We wanted to contact with people in other area, we must write letter , then send to post office. This is take many time. Today, through computer, we can compose an email and send by Internet. It prove computer can help us save many time to do other.

Secondly, computer can do some thing , which people too difficult to do. Such as design graphic, edit audio and video,   control modern machine… Another advantage of the computer is that the electronic memory has enormous capacity and is able to store millions of figures, books and documents, and searching process is becoming much easier.

Many people thinh that in the future ,computers can take over the control of human or even replacing human. I admit that the computer is replacing human in some field   but people considered before. Instead of letting people to go to work in some dangerous areas, they use robots. For example, Japan is gradually replacing human with robots in mining related activities. Therefore the risk of losing human life can be reduced.

I   repeat again that I completely believe that Computer is very good for our life today and in the future, and we should not worry about their benefits. In my opinion, we should use the computer properly, should not abuse it. If that, it will be more useful for...

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