Compulsory Organ Donation

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Surgeons regularly perform successful organ transplants but the extent of their work is restricted by a lack of available organs from volunteer donors. Describe two arguments for and two against the compulsory donation of organs to hospitals. [30] In this essay I will write about two arguments for and against organ donation being compulsory. This is an area subject to a lot of controversy and will seek to make it a balanced essay. The first argument for organ donation is that there is an ever growing number of people who need an organ transplant in order to continue there lives, with this number being over 8000 in the United Kingdom alone, this is a staggering number and more should be done to help these people, as you would expect the same, were you in that person. Currently there are less than three thousand people who receive an organ donation a year and lives are being lost when it is foreseeable that they could be prolonged, or saved. However, many people do not value the importance of organ donation, and do not seem to care, unless it is noticeable or involves them. This may be due to people being unaware, or not know enough information. An attempt to change the law to encourage organ donation was not favourable at all, and it was a more reasonable option to have schemes which promote and encourage these donations. This law would presume that the bodies would belong to the law as soon as they are no longer alive, and therefore eligible for organ donation, this goes against freedom of choice, and basic human rights, and therefore was strongly opposed. Also this would be infringing on personal space, and it might be a persons which to have their bodied used in a certain way, once they pass away, a peaceful way, and they may also have a completely against opinion on organ donation and therefore may wish not to be part of this scheme. On the other hand, a

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