Compulsory Military Service

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Two years of military service should be compulsory in the United States. When it comes to serving in the military, people have so many different views. Should it be compulsory for a young person to enlist into services in the United States? If someone had to enlist into military services in the United States it would prepare and provide for life, it would bring maturity for many, and it provides so many benefits. Two years of military service should be compulsory in the United States. Compulsory military service could prepare a young person for life. Military service provides a job. Although many jobs are opening for the people of today’s society, there still is a tremendously high unemployment rate. Someone coming straight out of school, might run into the problem of finding a job in their field or any job in general. The military would bring forth many job and advancement opportunities for someone just finishing their degree, both high school and/or college. Military services provide so many valuable skills, from survival, to working with a group, to working with someone leading them. This would help out people in more than one way, no matter the field of work they are in, after leaving the service. Many jobs that are being filled, are being filled by military personnel that have left the service. Many businesses, like Wal-Mart, are offering recently separated military personnel employment. Compulsory military service helps a young person gain maturity. So many people enter into the military with a mentality of not wanting to grow up, but shortly after entering, they realize they have to become an adult and have to make sure they are taking steps that will make them think about their consequences and future endeavors. Military service helps a person with everyday life, not only does it help someone plan out their life
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