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Opinion essay: Compulsive shopping / Consumerism Nowadays shopping is getting more and more important. You can find shopping malls everywhere. Everyone goes shopping and consumerism is extremely increaseing. Especially young people are attracted to shopping but is it becoming a serious problem amongst them? Let us have a closer look. The first thing I want to say is that there is a big difference between shopping and compulsive shopping. If you go shopping you look for something particular or you just look what the shops offer new. In fact shopping is normal and almost everyone does it but there is no doubt that it is dangerous if it becomes compulsive. Basically compulsive shopping means that you just buy anything you find because you feel forced to. The risks of this addiction are that the people around the compulsive shopper hardly notice it and the compulsive shopper spends a lot of money at one time without realising it if he pays with credit cards. For me shopping becomes compulsive by the time people do not even look anymore what they by just to have the knowledge that they bought something. Of course there are also compulsive shoppers, who know what they want, but they just want everything, that is new on the market. By the way what causes compulsive shopping? Young people who frequently react to compulsive shopping often do this because of their problems and to flee from their world. In my opinion for those people shopping is an escape from their real life. But I do not think that compulsive shopping is only a problem amongst young people and undoubtedly there are also older people who rejoice in buying countless clothes or other things. Reasons which cause this addiction, could be emotional deprivation in childhood, approval seeking, perfectionism, and inability to tolerate negative feelings. I am certain that this problem affects more women

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