Comprhensive Classroom Technology Plan

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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan Tina Nemeth Drenda Scolari EDU-225 Grand Canyon University 6/19/2011 Table of Contents Introduction Mission Statement Vision Statement Rationale Communication Plan Using technology to communicate in a classroom setting Integrating Instructional Technology Pros and cons of technology Facilitate and Enhance Instruction Using Technology Software to Support Assessment Technology Assisted Assessments Can technology help assess student learning? Difference in formative assessment and summative assessment Technology uses in both Pros and cons of using technology to assess students Technology Ethics in the Classroom Ethical Uses of technology Internet security Creating proper copyright and student use agreements Ethical practices of technology that could be used in the classroom Conclusion Rational, Vision, and Mission Statements Tina Nemeth Drenda Scolari EDU-225 Grand Canyon University 6/19/11 Vision Statement: Students will be educated to the best of my abilities, incorporating both today’s technology as well as the technology of the future, insuring my students the best education of yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Mission Statement: By educating myself with the technologies of yesterday, today, and tomorrow's technology, I will be better equipped with the knowledge necessary to educate my students on subjects that can be useful both in and out of the classroom. By providing students with technology both in and out of the classroom, they will become more familiar with how to

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