Compressors Essay

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Anthony Brown Plant Equipment Professor Bruad 16 November 2011 Compressors Compressors are used in refineries and chemical plants. They are used to compress different types of gasses like light hydro carbons, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and chlorine. There are three different types of Compressor designs; they are classified as positive displacement, thermal, or dynamic. Positive displace have rotary and reciprocating pistons, dynamic has centrifugal and axial, and thermal has injector type compressors. Compressors may be found in two different stages; single stage and multistage, where single stage compressors compress the gas once, multistage compress the gas more than once. Compressors may even be lubricated or non-lubricated. When a compressor is non lubricated the gas remains uncontaminated by the lubricant, and a lubricated compressor is mixed with gas and the lubrication. Most of these compressor types may be found in industrial facilities, though the two most common compressor types are positive displacement and dynamic compressors. Positive displacement is a type of compressor design. This particular design traps a fixed amount of gas in then forces it into the discharge pipe. Positive displacement has two different types of designs, rotary and reciprocating. Rotary displaces a fixed volume of fluid inside a casing on each rotation. Rotary compressors have five different compressor types, rotator screw, sliding vane, lobe, liquid ring, and scroll. Reciprocating is classified as piston or diaphragm, and it is a distinctive back and forth motion. Piston compressor and diaphragm are to different reciprocating types. Dynamic is a type of compressor that sends larger volumes of air at lower pressures. Axial and centrifugal are the two different types of dynamic designs. Centrifugal can be single or multistage it uses centrifugal force to speed
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