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Compressors Are Us Memorandum TO: James Vick FROM: John Mullins, Company Technician DATE: 10/15/07 SUBJECT: Synthetic lubricants vs. Petroleum lubricants There has been much recent debate over synthetic lubricants versus petroleum based lubricants. It seems some individuals are a bit close minded when it comes to modern technology, however there has been much research conducted in the area of synthetics. This article provides some insight on some of the advantages/ disadvantages of synthetic oils, as well its composition and applications. I found one part of the document, when the author discus’s advantages of synthetics, particularly interesting. He basically states that man made oils, unlike petroleum based lubricants, are molecularly structured. These way molecules can be arranged or manipulated to provide advanced protection for specific applications. By remaining structurally stable and chemically sound, while providing exquisite lubrication, these synthetics are quickly taking over the oil market. Source: “Extending Gear Life with Synthetic Lubricants” Gear Solutions March, 2004:1 The article states that not only is this a financially sound decision because the oil remains good longer, but also because it is so more effective that it prolongs machine live dew to wear “Typically, a synthetic will last at least three to five times longer than a petroleum oil of equal viscosity, and synthetics do not form carbon deposits as readily as petroleum lubricants. Because there is less evaporative loss, it generally takes less synthetic lubricant to protect a part. In addition, the higher protection afforded by the synthetic lube can help extend the lifetime of a part beyond its original specifications, lengthening service intervals, reducing warranty claims, and improving the cost performance of the total system.” Source: “Extending Gear Life with
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