Comprehenson Strategies Essay

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Comprehension Strategies Essay Teresa Hughes-Fox Grand Canyon University EED-475 Haydee Serena-Masters June 30, 2013 Facilitating comprehension of different kinds of reading literature such as narrative, expository, and poetic text. Teachers would need to teach, discuss, and help the students to learn the material that are handed to them. Even though the teacher is teaching the material it does not mean that the students are comprehending the material or the literature. The text of narrative, expository and poetic, would need some strategies to develop activities that would help with the comprehension of the material. There are several different kinds of strategies that would facilitate with comprehension for the students. One of the strategies that would help with the expository text structure within the grade third and up. The strategy would include of the use of graphic organizers, organizational patterns, the analysis of text structures by students, and independent writing. (Akhondi, 2011). This strategy would help the students to understand the structure of expository text. Expository text is the challenging text to comprehend because they are not just reading for fun, but reading informational text. The other strategy for this type of text is the K-W-L chart. The students would write down what they already know of the informational text, what they want to know and what they learned from the text. This would help the students to find the information in the structural text. Questioning the author is a strategy that would help the reader to discuss and reflect of what the author is trying to say in the text. The strategy for the poetic text is to help the students find a real life event or real life experience that would help them understand the text in poetics. When students are having troubles understand some poems because they are too

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