Comprehensive Technology Classroom Plan

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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan I feel that technology is a practical addition to learning and assisting students in all their learning needs. Mission Statement: In my classroom my mission is to teach and keep the students up to date on technology so it can help the students learn as much as possible. I would also make sure that all the students will have fun while learning so that they stay motivated to learn and want to succeed and do all they can do to succeed. My mission is to also do all that I can do to teach my students. Vision Statement: In my classroom my vision is to help my students learn all the skills they need to be successful in life and their community. Hopefully I will teach them how to help out in their community to make it a better community. Communication: Communication is a very important key to a successful classroom. There are many ways to communicate with the students, their parents and fellow coworkers. It is important to keep the lines of communication open at all times so that your student’s, student’s parents and fellow coworkers are always comfortable asking questions, giving suggestions or simply just to see what is going on in your room. The first thing I would do to keep communication between parents and myself would be to make sure that I have all the parent’s email addresses. This is a way I have to contact the parent without bothering them at work. I can use the email address to drop the parents a line that may just say that their child is doing great or something like can you please help your child with or just to keep the parent’s updated on classroom activities that are happening or coming up. I would also make sure that the parent’s have my email address so they can contact me for whatever

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