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COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION STUDY QUESTION FOR SCHOOL AND GENERAL COUNSELING (revised 01-2012) The comprehensive examination for school and general counseling will consist of 100 multiple choice and two essay questions. The multiple choice section will include 20 questions from each of the five core courses: EDU 501. 502, 503, 524, 526. The essay questions will be based on a case study, and may come from any of the five core courses. Students must answer all questions. You may not, therefore, take the comprehensive examination until you have completed 21 semester hours that include the five core course, with a GPA of at least 3.0. The study questions below are intended as a general guide only. Examination questions may cover any course materials and may include, but are…show more content…
7- Know laws related to employment including: Title VII, Title IX, Americans with Disabilities Act COU 524- Introduction to Group Counseling The ASGW Core Training Standards provide the best guide to Knowledge Competencies for this course. These standards may be accessed over the internet by linking to ASGW from the ACA web site 1- Know the distinguishing and common characteristics of the four major group work specializations 2- Know the advantages and disadvantages of group as compared with individual counseling. 3- Be familiar with the developmental stages of groups, including characteristics of members and issues and tasks for each stage. 4- Describe the major facilitative and debilitative roles that group members may take. 5- Know the therapeutic factors (Yalom) that operate in groups. 6- Describe issues and considerations in planning and implementing a counseling group. 7- Know the ethical issues related to group work COU 526- Psychological
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