Comprehensive Nursing Essay

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1. Discuss the role of the nurse when collecting a comprehensive nursing health assessment.

A nurse’s role is a complex and unique function and a fundamental part of a Multidisciplinary team. Nurses provide assessment and nursing care of a patient. Assessment is a systematic process using a rational method of planning to identify a patient’s health and any actual or potential problems that need to be met and to provide interventions to meet those needs. (Berman et al, 2010)

A comprehensive assessment establishes a database of information relating to the patient including visual observations during initial interview including, skin condition, cloths, hair, hygiene, demeanor and presence of pain etc. During the interview the nurse should gather family history and both subjective and objective data to establish baseline data as a reference point and an indicator to the effectiveness of interventions. (Berman et al, 2010)

Subjective data is what the patient thinks, feels and believes and can also be referred to as the symptoms including itching, pain and worry or anxiety. Objective data is measured during the physical examination; it can be seen, heard, smelt, felt, observed, tested or measured against an excepted standard, including: skin color, bowel sounds, blood pressure, temperature, level of pain, urine analysis etc. (Berman et al, 2010)

Once vital information has been collected it must be organised, complete, factual and accurate to provide a complete picture of the patient’s past and present health, environment, strengths, coping skills and doing the right things to stay well for nursing interventions to be effective. (Jarvis c, 2008)

The final stage of the assessment process is to document the patients data, this can be written or computerized and becomes the patients history. (Berman et al, 2010)

2. Explain the possible benefits of using a

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