Comprehensive Definition of Addiction

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Comprehensive Definition of Addiction Addiction is on a basic level, an attempt to control and fill the desire of happiness. An addict engages in a relationship with an object or event that produces a desired mood change. Among the mood changes are the highs the addict begins to feel. There are several types of highs. Arousal gives the feeling of being powerful. Satiation gives the addict a feeling of being full, complete, and beyond pain. A trance is another type of high that separates the addict from the real world, to the addictive world. This gives the addict a sense of happiness until the mood changes and they begin to feel grief and pain. An addict will begin to act out as the level of addictive behavior grows. They may become obsessive or compulsive. The addict believes they can be nurtured through their addiction. This is the beginning of the addictive thinking. The addict has no emotion towards anyone. They build a defense system against attack from others. The addictive relationship becomes attractive to the addict. The illusion is seductive. It gives the addict guaranteed false and empty promises. There are several types of relationships that keep us healthy. Family and friends who know and care about us is one type of natural relationships. There are Spiritual, Self, and Community relationships too. When people do not develop within these four groups, they turn to other relationships, such as addiction which is a relationship with an object or an event that takes place within the person. There are three stages of addiction. Stage One is where the personality becomes altered. The mood changes become more intense. The addictive personality comes into existence as it emerges from the addictive process. The addictive personality will continue for life as long as the addiction exists. Stage One still continues with the Addict developing its own way of
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