Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

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INTRODUCTION Operating a home daycare where I only enroll preschool age children, I have incorporated technology into my classroom as a way to communicate and collaborate with students, parents, the local community and the global community. Because the use of technology has proven to be beneficial in my home business, it is my plan to continue this practice when I complete my degree program and open up my first preschool center. As an educator I understand that it is important to reach and have a positive impact on as many children as possible. Therefore, I will use technology to not only help my students but children around the world. MISSION STATEMENT My mission is to provide every child with a quality education in a developmentally appropriate learning environment. I will ensure that every child has a positive experience so s/he enjoys their time in my classroom. Through encouragement and positive reinforcement, I will make the children feel good about themselves and their environment. By allowing students to express themselves and giving them options, I will help my students to understand that they are all worthy individuals. I will also help my students recognize the worth of others. I will provide a fun, safe and diverse learning environment that encourages the children to grow physically, socially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. VISION STATEMENT My vision is to provide my students with the skills required to help them develop into successful, well-rounded individuals. My students will leave my classroom being fully equipped with the knowledge they need to succeed academically as well as with the confidence they need to face the challenges of everyday life. COMMUNICATIONS PLAN Through the use of technology I can keep parents informed of their children’s progress. I can also utilize technology as a way to post upcoming and current events

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