Comprehending Heavy Metal Pollution of Sample Lake : a Fuzzy Logic Assessment Essay

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1 Comprehending Heavy Metal Pollution of Sample Lake : A Fuzzy Logic Assessment Ranjeet Kumar Roll Number 13MI33016 Department of Mining Engineering Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur-721302,India E-mail: Abstract Nowadays, pollution becomes increasingly prevalent in our daily life. In some areas, it has a fairly negative impact on our health. Among all the pollutions, heavy metal is an important part which should never be neglected. To reduce the pollution demands for having a good knowledge of the pollution degree in the areas we live. To acquire the situation of pollution, we need to collect the pollution concentrations, and analyse the collected data. Conventional methods used to determine these impurities and upper and lower separation limit tables included in these methods. The results obtained by these statements are of equal importance when evaluating the whether near or far. Thus, each of the statements contained in quality parameter takes place in one of four classes. In this study, heavy metal pollution control of Lake is used as a model index of water quality classification with classical methods as well as assessment made by fuzzy logic. Problem Definition Heavy metals that are most important source of inorganic pollution in water, are passed to water resources by industrial waste or contaminated by acid rain, in the soil composition that heavy metals present and dissolution of soluble heavy metals in rivers, lakes and groundwater. Since limiting capacity of the adsorption capacity of sediment layer, heavy metal concentrations in the water rises continuously. In a typical country, since we don’t take care of our environmental measures and adequate water basins and allow uncontrolled industrialization, concentrations of heavy metals are constantly being raised. In this way, gradual increase the concentration of heavy

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