Components of a Research Proposal

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Components a proposal Title ……………….. Background of the Problem Present the background – the problem, opportunity, or situation that brings about the proposed project or research. Get the readers concerned about the problem excited about the opportunity, or interested in the situation in some way. Explain why the topic is important and give your rationale(s). Shape the argument so that the readers see the rationale for the proposed project. Answer such questions as: “Why is it important to conduct the study or carry on the assignment?” Provide specifics so that the readers see the importance of your project. Problem Statement Include a clear statement that outlines details of the proposed research. Elaborate on the problem. Purpose/Objective of the Research State what you propose to do about the problem, how you plan to help the readers take advantage of the opportunity and how you intend to help tham with the situation. Research Questions List questions that you need to find answers to. Significant Of the Study Discuss the benefits of doing the proposed research, the advantages that come from approving it. Scope Outline the scope of the research. If your research is too large, you will not be able to handle the assignment during the term. If the research is too small, you will not be able to produce an acceptable report. Methodology Explain the process that you plan to use to gather the information that supports the thesis statement, answer the research questions, or achieve the stated objectives. Give enough information so that the funding agency, an employer or in your case, the lecturer can understand how the researches will collect the needed information. Work Schedule (Gantt Chart) Provide a schedule, including major milestones or checkpoints in the research or project. Call to Action Conclude with a review of the
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