Complications Of Teenage Preg Essay

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Health Complications of Teenage Pregnancy Teenage pregnancy is a sensitive topic people are reluctant to talk about in the society in which we live. It is a serious issue that may seriously impact the future of a young woman because as a social issue where mothers who are victims are ashamed of the stigma that is attached. Teenage pregnancy and childbearing are key factors, leading teenage mothers into social disadvantaged lives. Although the rate of teen pregnancies has been a social issue that needs to be addressed but due to the sensitivity of the topic people are reluctant to talk about it.How does a mother feel when she has a 10 year old pregnant and living with her? Giving up to abortion is a very hard choice because there are many things that could happen. In as much as some teens think it will not happen to them, they really do not care and pay attention to motherly advice on acceptable behaviours.The following are some of the problems associated with teenage pregnancy are delayed education, neglect of the baby, low weight baby, and emotional factor. When a teenager gets pregnant while in school makes it more difficult for her to continue with her education. This means she has to drop out of school so she can go have the baby. This usually is a decision that seems not pleasant especially where the mother involved is a bright student. Most times these teenagers have their future plans interrupted because they are more likely not to finish school. Education will be put on hold because of this because attention will now shift on taking care of the baby. My friend happen to be pregnant at an early age and I quite remember that immediately ,when the principal of the school got to know about this, she was immediately expelled from the school. She had to drop out of school. Giving up to abortion was not a choice because there are many things that could have

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