Complicated Young Mind Essay

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The Complicated Young Mind A national study conducted by Halloran shows “parental connectedness such as the feelings of warmth, love, and caring from parents was protective against children’s health risks including emotional health.” (Halloran, Ross & Carey, 2002, p.202). Over the past thirty years, psychologists and researchers have been acknowledging how much children’s emotional development is greatly affected by their parental involvement. Some people argue that nature is the most influential factor of the child’s development since the moment he or she was conceived. Throughout each phase of growth and development, a child will eventually develop the body shape, eye and hair color, intelligence, and temperament based on the inherited genes. However, once the child is born, he or she will enter to a different world requiring interactions and skills to survive. At a very early age in life when a child only interacts with his or her parents, they are the main source of trust and the only role model for a kid to look up to. This is also the time when a key question arises: how much do parents influence the child’s development based on the nurturing environment? From the perspective of these interesting characters: Clemencia in “Never Marry A Mexican”, Hazel in “Gorilla, My Love”, and Earl in “My Mother’s Memoirs, My Father’s Lies, And Other True Stories”, there is a really strong relationship between growing up in a nurturing environment and shaping an ideal characteristics. For these kids in the stories, they all have a hard time in their childhood trying to find a clear way for themselves, being suspicious whether or not to believe in what they are told, and finally dealing with love relationship when they get older. According to my interview with Mrs. Larsen, a psychologist instructor at South Seattle College, nature loads the gun and nurture pulls the
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